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Hawaii experienced momentous sweeping changes to its cultural, physical, and social landscape starting from the 1800’s. This film chronicles how these changes shaped a small, rural fishing village on the south shore of Maui thru oral histories, documents, interviews, and re-enactments. Length - 54:00


In this film we explore some of the larger-than-life characters and dramatic accounts that occurred during this tumultuous time in Mākena, Maui. It is true that Hawaiians risked and even lost their lives struggling resolutely to keep their culture alive.

From the Hawaiian perspective, the land and the ocean are an integral and inseparable part of life and represent the ultimate beauty and bounty of life. This runs counter to unfamiliar forces of the West and the market-driven economy that was introduced to Hawaii.

And at this time, it is becoming increasingly clear that the land, not just around Hawaii but the world over, are in peril. How can Hawaii make clear to all of us, where we are going wrong and what we can do to help put things right?
The Place Where You Belong: Ho’i I Ka Piko follows these efforts, by first and foremost, honoring the Hawaiian cultural traditions of respect and dignity for all life, and tells a moving story about local Hawaiians and responsible citizens as they try to protect and save the land that calls them home.
Point of View
By recognizing the significance of “A Sense of Place,” I believe this film taps into the universal idea that we all have a connection to where we were born. Herbie Hancock, famed musician, recently said at a World Heritage conference, ”Knowing about your history - where you come from and what your ancestors have accomplished - has a direct impact on the psyche of a country as well as building a sense of self-worth of a people.”

This film explores the essential relationship people of a rural fishing village on the south shore of Maui have with their land, each other and celebrates the importance Keawala'i Church takes in preserving the Hawaiian cultural traditions of music, hula, food, and language.

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Harrington Productions has several television program ideas in development. Based on our experience producing this show and working on other projects for network and cable television we feel that there is great opportunities for compelling new show concepts that come from Hawaii and that these ideas will become exciting new trends in documentary television production. Proposals are available. Email us with your inquiries


The Power of
Culture and Art"

We are very excited about "ArtScapes". A very impressive program. The camerawork is superb and the hosting is intelligent and stylish. We are going to premiere it during our sweeps week in May. That's how much we like the program. Kevin Harrington and Joanna Jeronimo should be proud!

Carlos Molina, Program Director
Hawaii Public Television

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