Kevin Harrington Video Producer in Maui Hawaii.

Aloha, Kevin Harrington here at Pe’ahi, Maui shooting some big surf! I work with a select group of producers, shooters, editors, and  production crew, who have a proven record of reliability, professionalism, quality finished work, and a good attitude. We’ve provided award-winning video production services for over 25 years, filming countless TV, corporate and documentary  projects, as well as working with creatives and local businesses here in Hawaii.

We tell your remarkable story with clear, engaging video and can help you identify what type of video you need  to create a positive emotional connection with your audience.

Check out our clear 4 step process below. 

Our Video Process

Grow your brand with a video your company is proud of

An online meeting.

Step 1: Discovery Call

We find out some basic info & objectives – What makes you who you are? What are the goals for this project and how can we help you get there? 

Step 2: Plan & Prepare

Through a meeting or our Storyline Workshop, we design a creative direction  and strategy that is in line with your vision and goals. 

Step 3: Production

We produce a video on time and on budget that engages your audience and moves them to action. Exchange high fives!

collaberating with client.

Collaborative Process

We handles all the details, but we strongly feel achieving a successful video project takes collaboration.

That’s why we follow our proven process that delivers a finished video that will engage and inspire your target audience with the right message with the right tone and right format.

Ultimately, a successful video clearly states what your business has to offer, is interesting to watch all the way through, and conveys your genuine  enthusiasm to help others improve their lives… gaining you loyalty and credibility.