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We understand it can be a challenge staying ahead of the competition and getting your message out there, it costs you time and money. 

At Harrington Productions, we help businesses and organizations tell their unique brand story and make it shine by capturing the essence of their company with stunning images, a clear story structure, and the right message – resonating with their target audience. 

Get a great video crew that knows how to tell stories, moving stories, stories with heart.  At Harrington Productions, we cover all the bases, are good communicators and have good attitudes. We’ll deliver a beautiful company video which clearly articulates your values and mission – one you can be proud of. 

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The goal of your brand video is to articulate your message and how it relates to the needs of your customers.

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Whether you’re company is offering a product or service, video storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to communicate authentically and emotionally – moving your audience into action. 

Harrington Productions will help communicate your brand’s story using our simple process, addressing your customer’s pain points and answering important questions like, “In what way does your product/service solve a key problem for your target market?” and “How will their life change for the better after buying your product/service?”

Also, we can help get maximum exposure and engagement of your video content by distributing thru all the major social media platforms.

Here’s how we’ve helped a few of our clients:


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We provide video production services for corporate & TV producers

How Video Storytelling Can Grow Your Business

How to market your message with video? This 3-page PDF will help you use video to create a positive, emotional connection with your audience that inspires them into action.

Learn to craft the right message with the right tone and right format.

And more importantly, create new, happy clients…

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