5 Simple Videos that Save You Time & Money – Building Engagement

It’s no secret that in today’s age, good video content is extremely important to every brand. It’s easy to see the value of video to tell your unique story and you might have turned to a professional to produce your company video for your website and social media. This type of “flagship” video gives the opportunity for your target audience to gain awareness of your brand, the problems you solve, and the benefits your awesome product/services provides. Your company is shown in its best light, the way you like your story to be told. Harrington Productions specializes in this type of brand stories that use the power of video to uncover your company’s heartbeat and inspires your audience to be new, happy clients.

We all want to be proud that their business positively impacts peoples lives. How do we get the word out on how we help people? We do that a number of ways – with our website, advertising, social media, community engagement etc. For bigger companies, Communications Directors work hard at getting the latest news of their company out to the public, employees and their target audience. And when you have a new service or product your launching – you really want to let people know about it and see it’s benefits. You are helping people with their problems and would love to spread the word. Here are 5 videos that help people see how your company changes their lives for the better.

  • Video Newsletters – have a company spokesperson talk about the latest news of your company, sprinkled in with a bit of visual b-roll supporting what the spokesperson is articulating. Could be simple graphics, stock footage, or an interview with a person connected to the material.
  • Q & A Videos – create a short, simple series of videos (or edit them together as 1 video) that addresses 80% of people’s concerns & pain points. These videos are like FAQ pages but instead, a company spokesperson addresses each pain point in front of a simple backdrop. Placed on your website or sent to potential clients – these videos will build authenticity & trust and make your audience decision easier, furthering them along in the discovery process. You save time & money answering basic questions, making it easier for you to nurture the relationship.
  • Short Product Videos – Let say you got a new product/service going to market. You want to get the word out right? These are like amazon product videos, they explain the product in action. Video is more effective conveying a product/service and how it solves a problem than text. Advertising is expensive, social media less but you usually need a lot of followers to be effective. A video is great because you can use it for all of the above, put it on your website, and send it out to your email list or your preferred clients.
  • Employee Bio Videos – These are great because it gives your audience a peek into how your company ticks. Showing employees talking about what they do and why they do it brings authenticity and approachability to your company. You can use these videos on your website, Linkedin profiles & social media.
  • Claims we Make Videos – These are like a “about us” video if done the right way. It will visually proof what makes your company unique, special, and different. It will take viewers behind the scenes and allow them to know you on a level that is more genuine regarding your organization.

These videos clearly and visually answer the questions of your target audiences are asking. Its about leveraging the educational nature of video, while also using it to build a more authentic relationship early in the discovery process.

I’d love to learn more about your business. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with?

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Kevin Harrington, owner/producer

Harrington Productions



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